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We are a nonprofit community of Californians that are passionate about running. Together we have a social network, sponsor running events, and promote health and fitness through our charitable work.

Please register to become a member of California’s running community. Your participation will make a huge impact on the future of California Runners.

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Membership Benefits

  • California Runners limited edition “Founder” technical t-shirt

Cash back in your pocket

  • A $46 discount to the inaugural California Half Marathon (making your membership essentially free!)
  • Discounts to local road races
  • Discounts on shoes at local running specialty stores
  • Discounts on local coaching and personal training services
  • Discounts on online coaching and training programs
  • Discounts on ALL items in the California Runners online store

VIP treatment at the California Half Marathon

  • Guaranteed entry to the 1st Annual California Half Marathon (Spring 2015) at a $46 discount!
  • VIP "Red Carpet" check in
  • VIP gift at check-in
  • Special VIP California Runners bib number
  • VIP bag check

Members-only community to connect you with other California Runners

  • Access to our members only message board to coordinate local runs and discuss all things running (coming in 2014)
  • Access to our list of local group runs and workouts for you to meet new training partners
  • Calendar of local California races for you to plan your 2014 racing season
  • Profile page to publicly or privately announce your next race and log race results
  • Ability to see which of your friends will be at the same race as you
  • Daily motivation and accountability to yourself, your friends, and your local running community by updating your running log (coming in 2014)
  • Ability to create Groups/Teams with your friends, family, co-workers, and teammates to encourage and inspire each other to run farther and faster
  • Health and training tips from many of the world's best distance runners who hail from California
  • Health, fitness, and inspirational articles exclusive to California Runners from top health experts, athletes, and coaches

Make a difference in your community – Your contribution is going to support:

  • Your contribution is going to support:
  • Middle school youth running programs
  • Shoe donations for Californians in need of running shoes
  • Trail, road, and beach clean up projects
  • Fun opportunities to volunteer and get involved with local races in your community

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How often in your life have you had the opportunity to start something from the ground up? Here you can make a significant impact on the sport you are passionate about within the community you want to help.

Please take this unique opportunity and join us today. Together, We Run California.

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California Runners is a nonprofit organization created to unify California’s running community and educate the general public on the health benefits of running, walking, and physical activity, while concurrently providing a variety of related charitable services beneficial to the public interest. None of this is possible without your generosity. Please take a moment to make a donation to our organization.

A donation of just $5 will pay the liability insurance for 3 middle school students that want to join their local team.

Brooke Wells

Brooke W.

I’m excited to help start California Runners and give back to the sport that has given me so much.