Youth & Charity

Our priority as an organization is to educate Californians about the health benefits of running, walking, and physical fitness while concurrently providing a variety of related charitable services beneficial to the public interest.

We have dozens of charitable causes and contributions planned but for 2014, we want to start by focusing in the following 4 areas:

Middle School Running Programs

With physical education continuing to be cut in public schools and the rise in childhood obesity rates continuing to grow, California Runners wants to focus many of it's education programs on the youth of California.

Our goal is to get the entire state running, but in 2014 we want to focus our charity work on the middle school age group. While most high schools offer a number of athletic teams, middle school aged students don't have as many affordable options and are often too nervous to start a new sport by the time they enter high school. Additionally, most communities in California don't have formal youth running programs to even introduce kids to the sport.

There are many parents and community members that would like to help the youth running movement but do not have the time or resources. This is where we come in. California Runners has published a step-by-step guidebook on how to start a running program in your community. Please click here to read the steps.

We would love to have a middle school running program in every city in California but for now we will introduce running programs one community at a time. Thanks for stepping up to help. Together... We Run California.

Shoes for Schools

California Runners is dedicated to introducing our beautiful sport to all of California's youth. Running shoes are not a requirement to run but a new or used pair certainly helps motivate kids to run and stay fit.

There are many underprivileged children in our communities that cannot afford the luxury of running shoes. Additionally, running shoes take up space in our trash cans and landfills when they can often be used by others. Our goal is to have a shoe donation program in every city in California, but for now we are partnering with local running shops to help us collect shoes. Please click here to see a list of running specialty stores that collect shoes for California Runners. We encourage you to support the stores that are helping our communities.

If you own or manage a running store and wish to be added to our Shoes for Schools program, please let us know. The more drop off locations we have, the more likely runners will stop by, drop off their old pair, and purchase a new pair for themselves.

Keep California Clean

California Runners is dedicated to keeping our running trails, roads and beaches clean for everyone to enjoy. On the first day of every month, California Runners encourages everyone to go just a little out of your way to keep California clean. The California Litter Run is just Californians attempting to pick up at least one piece of litter (if you see any) on your run or warm up on the first day of every month. You can meet in groups or just head out on your own. When you see a piece of litter on the road, trail, beach or wherever you're running, please stop and pick it up. You're not hurting your run by stopping. In fact, it's a bonus workout…coming to an abrupt stop, squatting down to pick something off the ground, standing back up and accelerating back to your pace is actually a better workout than to just continue running. Plus, you're helping keep this great state clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Set your alarm a few minutes early once a month, head out for a couple miles and keep California clean. #LitterRun

Road Race Volunteer

1.6 million Californians ran at least one race last year and only a small fraction volunteered. These events can’t happen without volunteers. To keep our state running community strong we urge each California Runner to attempt at volunteering at least once per year.

Nina Miller

Nina M.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of my best friends through running and I look forward to meeting even more at the Long Run.